Laurelwood Enterprises
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Laurelwood Enterprises was formed in 1998 to provide efficient affordable rental housing for the Fairview North Carolina area.  The first duplex was installed in 1998 and has provided comfortable energy efficient safe housing to our clients.  We are continuing to add more units and will keep them maintained to the highest standards to ensure our clients continued comfort and safety.

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Above are some pictures of the interior of one of the duplexes.  There is a large living/dining area with a large picture window at the front.  The master bedroom has a good size closet and bathroom.  The kitchen area has the washer/dryer area behind louvered doors.  Out the back door is a deck that can be used for grilling or even suntanning.  The adjacent parking area will accommodate two vehicles for each of the units.

Lease Information

Each side of the duplex is approximately 900 square feet with two bedrooms and two baths.  The current one year lease is for $1045.00 per month with a $1045.00 security deposit due at lease signing.  However the landlord has agreed that if the tenant makes the lease payment prior to the last business day of the month, they may reduce the lease payment by $100.00 making the lease payment $945.00.  Pet are NOT allowed.  There is a $35.00 application fee that covers half the charges for the background and credit checks that are done before a lease will be considered.  The tenants are responsible for the yard maintenance i.e. mowing of the yard.  If the grass gets over 4 inches tall we will send a yard crew to mow and each unit will be charged $65.00 for this service.